5 Reasons to Visit Marrakech

Posted: May 30, 2018 by Angie Perez Vargas

The colorful city of Marrakech

I will say that Marrakech is one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in Morocco. It is located in North Africa and you most visit this wonderful place.

You will find a Country with a lot of culture, architecture and landscapes, Plus people that speaks Arabic, Spanish, English and French.

Important to know: it is a Muslim country, they are open mind and a super touristic city.


Basic information in Marrakech

When to go: the best time you can visit Marrakech is in fall, spring or winter. Sumer is too Warm to survive.

Where to stay: Marrakech is known for the big good hotels. There are plenty of them that you will love, but we stayed at the Movenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi Marrakech. What an amazing experience in this hotel.

Marrakech Movenpick hotel
Marrakech Movenpick Hotel, pool Restaurant

Where to eat: Moroccan food is famous all over the world and you will find everywhere restaurants with different experiences. I will recommend you: Dar Cherifa is situated within the souk-streets, to go there you have to walk a little bit and try to go with a citadine. it is not easy to find the place. the restaurant has an open roof, very good service, quality and delicious food, and of course and amazing experience.

If you decide to go to Marrakech, it will be a good option. You wont be disappointment. Bellow you will find the top things that you can do in Marrakech and near by. I will recommend you to stay at least 6 days.

5 of the Best Things to Do in Marrakech

1. La Medina, Marrakech 

It is definitely a place to feel the culture and let yourself discover this fantastic place. It is an amazing walk with narrow streets, like a labyrinth, full of colors, merchants, ancient design and motorcycles. Medina is a super noise place, crowed, authentic and a most visit in Marrakech, just keep your eyes open.

Tips: I will recommend you to go in the early evening so you will see when they turn on the lights. plus, you will have the experience to heard their music and the sound of some snakes. 

Be careful with the hash dealers and don’t ask for prices, if you will not buy, and if you will buy, you have to negotiate really good, don’t be shy to put the prices too low, in the end you will never know what is the real price.

2. Bahia Palace, Marrakech

An amazing 19th century place in Marrakech with a beautiful architecture and decoration all over the place. Every building is a stunning, inspire and different design. It is a 1 hours visit, fantastic gardens and full of history.

Bahia Palace
Bahia Palace

Tips: Don’t forget you camera, this is the perfect place for a fantastic photo. The entrance will cost you 10 MAD.

3. Jardin Majorelle gardens and YSL Museum 

One of the most beautiful things to do in central Marrakech. The gardens are special, you will see cactuses and different kind of plants. It is a relaxing place. If you like architecture, fashion and design, don’t miss it.

The YSL is a museum where you can appreciate the most important designs from the designer and a little bit of history about him and his brand.

Tips: these are two places, one next to the other one. you have to buy the tickets for both of them separately. I will recommend you to go early in the morning, so you don’t make a huge queue. Normally, it is crowed and full of tourist.

4. El Badi Palace 

A very nice huge, historical ruin place with an interesting view over the tower. If you like architecture, you will like this place.


Marrakech Baldi palace
Marrakech Baldi Palace

Tips: bring a bottle of water because it is an open place and you will spend at least one hour there.

5. 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour: Merzouga From Marrakech

It is the most amazing and fantastic trip i have ever done in my life. It is far away from Marrakech, into the heart of the moroccan Sahara Desert.

The first day, You will cross the Atlas Mountains, different small cities, very native places, the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, the Moroccan Hollywood and orange sand dones.

Hollywood studios Morocco
Hollywood studios Morocco


The Second day, you will ride a camel into the desert, the opportunity to see the sunset, and will arrive to the dunes desert camp. During the night have a delicious traditional dinner and a wonderful dance and music experience.

Marrakech Sahara
Merzouga Sahara


Please don’t miss this trip, it has to be part of the bucket list.

Tips: I will recommend you to bring your own water, hire a company that makes you the full tour with hotels and breakfast included.

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