About me

What’s the real story?

I am from Bogota, Colombia and I moved to Switzerland because of my husband. It has been a huge experience to be here and I have the feeling that I reborn…

…I am not scare about changes, but let me tell you! This one, OMG! A really hard one, but everything is under control. I am driving my own boat, my life, as best as I can, I listened my heart and here I am.

This idea came, because people from the street, classmates, Friends and my sister in law were telling me how special and different I am, yeah! it sounds to much, right? But whatever, who cares? I love to give others without expecting: Oh! well maybe a little bit LOL.

I really worry about people and I like to be part of their world. So, they request for a blog or a place where they can get all the things I know, about: fashion, psychology, beauty, places, food and so on.  All this blog is about my LIFE wisdom.

I will not describe myself, of course no! I will write awesome things LOL. So I had the idea to ask others what they think about me, so all of you will understand who I am and why I created ANGIE´S LIFE STYLE, here it goes:


“Angie is a woman who does not fear being who she is in any space, she takes problems calmly, is helpful, her laugh is contagious, among her ideas is always “live the present”. Every time she shares with friends and known people, she always make us feel peaceful, happy and smile. She has a heart that dies for fashion, loves to dress well and help others feel good about themselves in thousand ways” @andrea.sarmiento.121772

“She is a persistent person, who visualizes and fights for what she wants, until she makes it come true. She is cheerful, honest, a person who shows herself as she is. Angie Perez is a good friend and above all a good counselor” @juanpa8811


“She is full of great virtues that just to mention them I will never finish. Since I was a child, she has been my example to follow. With her, I learned how to overcome challenges that life gave me, taking smart decisions and risks. She pushed me to change mine routine, sometimes, smile about every bad and good thing that comes, to never give up, to fulfill every dream I had, to leave by a side the excuses and live life in a different way. Now, the destiny took her out of me for the first time, but I know that she will shine others with her good vibes and happiness, because just with her laugh its impossible to not see her. I am grateful and proud to have her as my sister.” @vanepeva93

“she is a strong woman and my example to follow, despite I have to give her example because I am older. She is my Seño, she is my everything. I will give everything for her” @andrepeva