One Piece Swimsuit

Posted: May 23, 2018 by Angie Perez Vargas

One piece swimsuit and gray days…

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year. We are always looking forward to sunny days, but sometimes it surprises us with gray ones. Normally, we are excepting to swim in the lake or river in Switzerland. Or we have our long-awaited vacations and we do not know what to wear when we have “bad days”. In this case, i will always recommend the fabulous one piece swimsuit.

 I have always said: “we can put color to out life, as well as color to gray days”. That’s the reason, I would like to write about the amazing idea to have a one piece swimsuit. Of course! in your closet. The ones that scare us because we don’t want to look like grandmas, Or we don’t want to look boring. 

This one piece swimwear is the typical that take us out of different situations. I will give you the perfect example: when you have a swollen stomach, you will look beautiful and perfect. When you are in a tropical place and and go for a walk, you will feel confident. And when is summer, but the weather is not the best one, there is the best day to wear it. Trust me! when you buy it, you will be surprise of the different ways and situations you can use it.

 One piece swimsuit are not old fashion…

I’m not a fan of the bikini, I only use it when I want to have a perfect tan. Because, every time I use a one piece swimsuit, It slims my figure instantly and makes me feel comfortable. I always feel that I have everything in the right place LOL. Do you know what i also love? that now a day, i can find it everywhere with different styles: Strapple, with a sexy back and high cut.

I am always looking for a vintage style, with strong colors that fix with the summer. A totally success when the temperature is between 23 to 27 degrees Celsius, makes me feel very Comfortable. Every time I go on a trip I use it. As i said, it makes me look beautiful. This in an inevitable piece in my closet and I would hope that in yours too.

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