The Change

Posted: July 28, 2017 by Angie Perez Vargas

I didn’t know how things would be….

When my husband proposed me, i was not expecting to change my life. I decided to move to his country thinking that the adjustment would be to easy. I always had my mind clear, positive, optimistic, open to everything that was going to come and the most important, ready to give a 180 degree turn to my life. In Colombia we always say … do it, I do not have much left …

What does change mean? an almost daily word, so colloquial and describes so many situations, but at the same time we are not 100% aware about what it really means.

Obviously, I will not define it, but I will describe it because living it, feeling it and to have it so close to me, is so different. Given my experience, it is such a strong word that reforms you, improves you, rejoices you, makes you cry, makes you learn, teaches you to value and makes you seen life from such an unique perspective …

Yes, I have cried a lot, I have fought like Hulk, so much that sometimes I say: “do I know me?”, MY GOD! What’s wrong with me? or it will rather be, that I didn’t  know me?

 I have learned to know my limits and to be flexible, to live day by day, to enjoy myself every minute, to judge or criticize less and to live more, to listen to my body, to really understand the other, to observe what happens around me, to learn to be alone and the most important to have contact with my emotions.

What changed?

What a stupid question… EVERYTHING CHANGED, food, the language, friends, house, climate, toilet, toothpaste, shampoo, even the dreams Changed…. it is so hard that even I lost my depends on everything. ANDDDD… I do not want to do painting courses that do not fix to me at all, I do not like it, I do not want to postpone suffering with courses that do not motivate me, do not interest me and do not make me feel happy … difficult, it is so difficult, trust me! but I have Learned so much that being in Colombia I would never have learned.

…. My life changed completely, I feel that I was reborn, I am no longer afraid of change and much less what others think … now I have learned to be happy valuing the least and enjoying this new life that has taught me so much …


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  • Mary July 28, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Te entiendo al 200% cuando conocí a mi esposo en Miami creí que ahí sería donde viviríamos, hasta que me dijo que nos viniéramos a su país (Suiza 🇨🇭) y es aquí donde también he conocido mis límites y mi nuevo yo! Si porq la persona que se va de su país nunca es la misma que regresa! Aquí todo es distinto hasta el agua, te cuento que en la ciudad que vivo el agua es tiene mucho calcio y eso me hacía que se me cayera mucho el pelo! …las costumbres, los modales, las flores, el clima, en fin todo! Pero con el paso de los años te das cuenta de muchas cosas que estos cambios van agregar a tu personalidad y a tu vida en general! Es duro, sobretodo los primeros años, ufff cuantas veces amenace a mi esposo con irme 🙈 Jajaja pero bueno el amor si va de la mano De Dios siempre triunfa…tranquila y disfruta de cada etapa de este cambio

    • Angie Perez Vargas August 15, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      Hola Mary que bonito que me hayas compartido tu experiencia, pues también me siento identificada contigo. Absolutamente todo es diferente, pero ha sido una experiencia bonita para conocerme y ser mas abierta a nuevas experiencias y culturas. Así como dices, ahora disfruto y me gozo cada día al máximo y agradecida de haber tenido esta nueva etapa de vida.


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