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Posted: July 15, 2017 by Angie Perez Vargas

The Best Part: My Life

My name is Angie Perez, I come from Bogota, Colombia. I live in Switzerland because I got married with a Swiss man.

Yeah! that’s why I am here, very far away from my land but discovering a new one. Since I arrived here, people have been telling me: “you should open a BLOG”. What? A B-L-O-G? how does it work? Omg! Why?Don’t worry you will know the answer after you start following me “LOL”.

After thinking with the pillow, talking with my husband and siblings. I made the decision and here I am, writing my first blog.

I am doing it because is really hard to live very far away from my family, friends and leave behind the life I had before.

This will help me to share all my experiences and communicate what I see. How I feel and how I have been learning so much things in this new culture…. nobody can understand how it feels, until they live it….

About Me

I am Clinical Psychologist, cat lover, like to help others, fashion lover, extrovert, passion for everything I make in my life, positive mind, love giver, music and dance lover (yes, I dance Salsa) and annoying, of course, I am a woman. I am the 3rd of 4 siblings and aunt of two beautiful nieces.


I am the person I am, because of my parents and now my husband is getting crazy with me.

My lovely ones, I will bring you all our Latin styles, tips, fashion and experiences that will help youto be stick in it and be part of my world.  I want to be in touch with your hearts and teach you many things that will help you to be a best version of you.

Let me be part of you and give me the chance to teach you all the things I have in my head. You all are more than WELCOME…..

Read about me here!



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